ATG Lifestyle Chain

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What does ATG mean? ATG is an acronym for Against The Grain and against the grain stands for going against the normal flow of doing things. This symbol is one of the first that we've made here at New-Breed and it carries a deep meaning that is connected to our core values of raising our consciousness and becoming more self aware.

In this life, we are constantly being pulled an infinite number of directions at any given moment. Our intent with this chain is for it to serve as a reminder to question the status quo and to seek out avenues that are more aligned with who YOU are rather than who someone else wants you to be!

Chain Measurements -

  • 22 Inches

Chain Specs -

  • Stainless Steal Chain and clasp
  • Polished Stainless Steel ATG pendant
  • Waterproof 
  • Will not turn skin green or tarnish
  • Crafted in Los Angeles, California
  • Lifetime Warranty