Memento Mori Chain

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We have converted our popular Memento Mori Bracelet into a chain! A personal favorite of ours is now available to wear around your neck! This piece is made entirely out of stainless steel just like the bracelet. It will NOT turn your skin green and is water and sweat proof. You can wear this virtually anywhere without any skin concerns or worries of the hardware deteriorating.

For those who don't know, Memento Mori is a Latin phrase that means "Remember you must die." Now at first glance this definition seems intimidating, but we like to look at it in a positive light. Death can bring a series of mixed emotions especially when loved ones pass, but we suggest to look at death as a transition into a new beginning rather than a conclusion. 

Death is inevitable, it's the only guarantee we have in this life. With that being said we should live every moment of this life like there is no tomorrow, since tomorrow is never promised! With this piece, our hope is that whenever you glance at it or receive a compliment about it, that you're able to remember to live to the fullest and embrace the present moment because it is truly all we have. 

Chain Measurements -

  • 40CM
  • 45CM
  • 50CM

Chain Specs -

  • Hand crafted in Los Angeles
  • Polished stainless steel for a bright shine
  • Waterproof - Will NOT fade or discolor
  • Comes with red velvet transport pouch
  • LIFETIME warranty