Obsidian Skull Bracelet

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A personal favorite stone of mine is obsidian. Not just because it has a cool name and carries a glossy black texture, but because it has so many amazing properties that are extremely useful to any wearer! A dope face also is that this stone is birthed from the raw energy of a volcano... feeling the power yet?!


Let's get into the details now. First off, this stone is VERY protective. Consider it your own personal weapon against negativity and also an anchor to keep your grounded in life. It's a deep healer and a truth seeker so rest assure that on your quest to become the best version of yourself, this stone will be working overtime to make sure all areas of growth are covered.

A great metaphysical property is that this crystal clears your root chakra. For those who are new to chakras, our root chakra is at the base and is directly linked to trust. So whether we are establishing new foundations of trust or ridding ourself of the old. This stone will be our greatest ally in either action. 

Another great metaphysical property is the mirror-like qualities that aid in tapping into our Third-Eye. This stone is a key tool in helping us look within to remove blockages that can be slowing us down from truly living to be our greatest self!

Chain Measurements -

  • 6"
  • 8"
  • 10"

Chain Specs -

  • Hand crafted in Los Angeles
  • Polished stainless steel for a bright shine
  • Obsidian Stones
  • Stainless steel Will NOT fade or discolor
  • Comes with velvet transport pouch